Driving Through Rainbows

So my family has finally settled into our writer’s retreat in Waverly, New Zealand. It’s a place where we can call home and instead of focus on the day to day of running our businesses, we can focus on writing and creating the content that inspires us to DO business. How we got here is a whole conversation that we will get to,  but what it means is that I plan taking the songs I have in my head, completing them and finding out a way to get feedback from my friends and family before I head into pre-production for recording or whatever the next step may be.

The trip getting here was song worthy itself, not to mention the prep, but after 24 hours in a plane or at an airport with a three year old and six month old, and an additional 4 hour drive, we made it to our first stop for the night, New Plymouth, NZ. On the way consisted of a drive through “Rainbow Road” as we are calling it. I think we saw about thirteen rainbows and literally drove through 3 or 4. It was the first time I have ever seen the end of a fully arced rainbow, let alone driven through three of them.

Driving through rainbows

So now we find ourselves in a little farming community of 400 on the West Coast of New Zealand’s North Island. As I am only teaching online lessons and  digging into local music contacts here, life can be slow and quiet enough to hear ourselves think. Chopping wood, loading up the log burner and the wood burning stove, feeding chickens, measuring our rainwater supply and keeping the kids happy and healthy still provide a heavy load, but something that will allow enough mental bandwidth to tune into the thoughts, ideas, the music and the silence that runs through our heads.

New Plymouth – Home of the WOMAD music and art festival


Our home for 3 months: Kainga Tirohanga – Maori for “Village View”